A Startup Master Tackling Online Fraud - Mary Haskett of BeehiveID

What if you could identify fraudulent online users before they commit fraud? And what if you could do so in a way that doesn’t inconvenience your trustworthy customers with a heavy-handed authentication process? It’s the holy, cost-saving grail of prevention for online retailers. Also, it totally exists.

Meet Mary Haskett, CEO and co-founder of BeehiveID, a technology that does all those things I just mentioned. Mary’s entrepreneurial story is cool because it’s backed by a string of successful startups. She’s the kind of founder we love to interview: tested, wise, and willing to share both the external and internal challenges of building a company from scratch. We had the privilege of meeting her at V2V in Las Vegas.

Her background in large scale biometric identification systems for the Department of Defense made her the perfect person to tackle the problem of online identity fraud. She built the right team, and the product, BeehiveID, works. One more success in a string of successes. But even seasoned entrepreneurs learn something new with each venture. For Mary, “letting go” was the lesson this time around. “At the very beginning, I wanted to be in control of everything,” she admits. “I wanted to make every decision, I wanted to make sure it was all done right.” But she quickly saw how that was backfiring. “It was actually not making sure that things were going right, it was making sure that things were taking a very long time. It was making sure that the people I was working with were getting frustrated.”

She continues, “For me, the biggest obstacle was learning how to take a giant step back and learn how to be the manager of a team and trust them to do their work, and not try to do everything myself.”

While her tendency to be a control freak interfered a little at first, it’s also the driving force behind her entrepreneurial spirit. “I’m an entrepreneur because in my heart I am a control freak,” she says. “I see what I want, and I’m like, ‘this is how it needs to be,’ and I make that happen.”

She’s made a lot of things happen, including playing a role in the rebuilding of post-war Iraq. Now, BeehiveID promises to transform fraud prevention for thousands of online merchants and other services, saving everybody a heck of a lot of money.

We encourage you to listen to the whole interview, especially if you’re an entrepreneur looking for plenty of inspiration and great advice.

BeehiveID can be found on Facebook here; on LinkedIn here; and on Twitter @BeehiveID.

Underwriter: Crowdfund.Life
Interviewer: Thubten Comerford
Article: Eric Inman
Producer: Daniel Lucy
Video Editor: Jacob Curtis

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