An App to Motivate Kids to Learn – Amey Laud of Learn & Earn

Amey Laud, CEO and founder of Learn and Earn Labs, ran into a familiar frustration for many parents. He bought his son an iPad for its educational potential, but it soon became just another entertainment device. So he did what any red-blooded entrepreneur would do: he fixed it. His solution, Learn & Earn, motivates kids to use their iPads for education by rewarding them for doing so. It’s available now in the Apple App Store.

We sat Amey in front of our camera at the Founder’s Media Bootcamp to find out what it takes to create a successful app in today’s noisy app market.

He began by sharing with us how he discovered the market gap his app addresses. “Parents today are busier than ever before,” he points out. “It’s a generation that… wants to be more involved.” But he noticed a dichotomy. Since they’re so busy, parents can’t always give their kids the amount attention they’d like. Amey saw an opportunity to create an app that inspires kids to motivate themselves to learn without requiring a parent to hover over them. Parents can set the rewards in the app, and leave their kids to do the learning and earning.

Anyone who has tried to build a content-heavy app knows how challenging it can be. You’re usually the app developer or the content creator, but rarely both. In Amey’s case, his company is the developer. “We understand what it takes to build an app,” he says. Finding a partner to create the content was a bit more difficult, but in the end he didn’t have to look far. “We’re proud to say that we work with a school right here in Portland called the Gardner School of Arts and Sciences. They’ve been working with us… to build the curriculum with which the app is launching.”

Once he nailed the niche, the next step was development. “As a startup, the biggest issue is hiring the right people,” Amy tells us. “We’ve been fortunate to have a team that’s very distributed and in five different time zones. Hiring those people, especially because they were so distributed, was one of our challenges.”

He credits the super-supportive Portland startup scene for providing the resources that has made his app great and his company successful.“It’s a very collegial atmosphere,” she says. “There’s an incredible sense of entrepreneurs reaching out to each other and helping out in little ways.” (Heck yeah! That’s precisely why we based Startup Chronicle in Portland.)

Now that Learn & Earn is live, Amey tells us his next step is making sure the app is filling customers’ needs. He says he feels “like a mother might feel at the end of her nine-month pregnancy… You have that child, and you think it’s ready for the world, but it’s not actually ready.”

“We’ve built this [app] on the basis of a lot of feedback, and we’ll continue to build it based on feedback.”

If you have children and you’d like them to use their iPads for learning (instead spawning zombies in Minecraft), you should definitely check out out Learn & Earn. To find out more about what it takes to create a successful app, check out Amey’s full interview!

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