The Never Ending Search for the Authentic Brand - Matthew Sloane of Soulful Brand

Once in a while, a company pops onto our radar that’s providing a beyond-the-ordinary service for startups. We’ve got just such an “omg you guys check this out” for y’all today.

Scene: Startup Chronicle Founder’s Bootcamp, 9:00 am.

Minutes after Matthew Sloane strolled into the morning sun-dappled conference room, we’re in love. This guy can be with you… the soulful eye contact, the deep listening, no hint of judgement. Swoon, right? By the time you’re done talking with him, you’ve got a spring in your step and a goddamn purpose. He’s one of those marvelous people who brings out the best in everybody. Lucky for entrepreneurs, he’s using his superpowers to help them discover their authentic voice and attract a passionate audience.

His blending of brand strategy and leadership development is the part we’re calling “super unique and extra-extraordinary”… check out

Since he was already our captive at the bootcamp, we plopped him in front of our camera and made him tell us a little about the soulful man behind Soulful Brand.

Oddly, he admits that his greatest challenge is a concern for first impressions. “The amount of perfectionism that I have in me, the desire to do it right the first time… that’s a huge challenge for me,” he says. He tells us he’s been working on “going with the flow” with people, rather than trying to nail it in the first few seconds. This, from a guy who may give the best first impression of anyone we’ve ever met.

He has a phrase for his unusual charisma: he calls it being in his “authentic presence.” He’s all about showing thought leaders how their own authentic presence can infuse and improve their branding. “The work I’m doing can allow for a marketplace in which there’s a little more authenticity,” he says. He believes the best branding is an invitation to possibility, rather than a manipulation into buying something. “Here I am, here’s my idea… I welcome you into this possibility!” The customer is free to chose.

“I really want people to have that chance to show up and be themselves,” he stresses, “and drop controlling each other.”

The next step for his company is sustainability. “I love my work,” he says, “but I have to figure out my own sustainable business model.” He’s tackling pricing at the moment. He knows that when his fees reflect the value of his services, the right clients will find him. “That’s not been my strong point,” he admits. “Yet, if I don’t make that kind of improvement, then I can’t keep doing the work that I love.”

Matthew and his company Soulful Brand are a tremendous contribution to the startup scene. We’re looking forward to seeing more founders benefit from his amazing coaching. Definitely watch his full interview, and pop on over to his website for more amazing Matthew.

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