Beautiful Websites, Beautiful Journey – Bradley Gauthier of Sitecast

“Having a bunch of clients is just another word for having a bunch of bosses.”

But Bradley Gauthier, co-founder of Sitecast, ain’t one to take orders from nobody. So a few years ago he gave up his successful marketing company, sold all his possessions, and couch-surfed the country. That’s when he noticed the great big market gap that would inspire his next venture.

“I started running into a lot of entrepreneurs,” he told Startup Chronicle at our Founder’s Media Bootcamp. “[They] would hear that I was a web developer, and they would continually come up to me and ask, can you help me with my web presence?”

The last thing he wanted was more clients bosses. “I’d say no, no, no,” he remembers. But like a true entrepreneur, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was missing an opportunity. “I was just leaving money on the table. There was a serious need for more professional web help.”

He wondered how he might help people build great websites without the hand-holding they usually require. The answer, of course, was automation. Sitecast was born. “We are reinventing the way you build on the web,” he says. “Just put in some simple photos and some text, and [your website] builds itself for you. You don’t need a lot of technical expertise, and you don’t need a design degree to make it look good.”

Sitecast websites do, in fact, look really good. Startup Chronicle’s publisher uses Sitecast for one of his professional websites, and he’s been impressed (that’s saying a lot!). Naturally… Bradley has been building websites professionally since the days of Geocities, when he was 12 years old. It’s a good sign that you were born an entrepreneur when you’re getting consulting paychecks before acne.

Bradley is clearly a seasoned and brilliant entrepreneur, but we were most impressed by his tremendous insight into the hearts and minds of people. His minimalist journey around the country has clearly wizened him beyond his years. If you ask him for advice about business, he’s as likely to go into the psychology of overcoming fear as marketing strategy.

Here’s our favorite part of his answer when we asked, “What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?”:

“I’ve met a lot of rich people who are miserable. But I’ve met a lot of happy people who are dirt poor. As I’ve traveled around, as I’ve built my business, as I’ve helped other entrepreneurs, the thing is, until you truly understand what brings you happiness, you can never find any true route to success with your business.”

Right? For more pithy advice and insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, check out his full interview.

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