Content-Embedded Ad Delivery - Jón Gíslason of GhostLamp

Jón Bragi Gíslason certainly does not embellish when talking about himself, the way a lot of 22-year-olds might. But Jón is light years ahead of your typical 22-year-old, and besides, we can forgive him for having more important things on his mind– specifically, the looming success of his first company. We had the privilege of speaking with this gifted young entrepreneur at Startup Iceland.

Jón is founder and CEO of Ghost Lamp, which aims to clean up the mess of ads crowding the margins of your favorite blogs, in favor of streamlined mouse-over, content-embedded ad delivery. It’s got a lot of cool tricks… check it out on their website.

Young entrepreneurs-to-be may hear themselves in Jón’s journey. Do you find yourself resenting school because it interferes with exploring your ideas? Jón feels ya, bro. “I sucked in school,” he admits. “I dropped out of school in January to live my dream of [starting] Ghost Lamp.” But not everybody in his life understood… after all, isn’t the path to success all about finishing school, landing a job, and advancing in a career? “Convincing your family and friends that you’re using your mind and following your heart, that’s been the biggest obstacle for me personally,” he tells us.

Clearly, he made the right decision. There’s no question that he has what it takes to “make it big” as a startup founder. His strategy for getting his idea off the ground as quickly as possible was truly enligthened:

“I met three people every day until I found my [team],” he says.

Using this strategy, he managed to assemble his dream team in just five months.

“People. People do everything. That’s what matters the most. Our CTO, our lawyer, our advisors, have been a tremendous help on the team.”

What’s next for Ghost Lamp? Money.

“Money is always something you need a lot of,” Jón points out. “That’s the only thing that stands in our way at the moment, from going global and scaling enormously like we want to do.”

Jón has no regrets about the unconventional trajectory he’s chosen for his life.

“Finally, for the first time in my life, I’m doing something right. It feels awesome, and I love every minute of it. You’re either having the worst day of your life or the best day ever… that’s life. The best thing I’ve done.”

If you’re a young person with big ideas, we hope the story of Ghost Lamp will inspire you to consider making the leap into entrepreneurship. There’s no thrill quite like it! And the rewards? Stay tuned to channel Jón Bragi Gíslason. And check out our other Startup Chronicle interviews, too!

You can find Ghost Lamp on Facebook here; on LinkedIn here; and on Twitter @TeamGhostLamp.

Underwriter: Promogogo

Interviewer: Thubten Comerford
Producer: Hrefna Helgadottir
Video Editor: Jacob Curtis
Transcription: Eric Inman

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