Portland, OR
March 18-20, 2016

Santa Monica, CA
April 1-3, 2016

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The Founder's Media Bootcamp is an intensive, 3-day program designed to teach you everything you need to communicate and engage with your customers and investors.

Whether you’re pitching to an investor or developing a sales message, stories are incredibly powerful tools to communicate and persuade your audience.

Startup Chronicle Founder's Media Bootcamp

We know that finding the right audience is only half the battle. What you say to get their attention & keep their attention is the ongoing challenge.

After years of working with our clients and engaging with audiences in many niche markets, we developed the framework that became the Founder’s Media Bootcamp.

It’s our process for helping startups craft a unique story and telling it in a compelling way. It’s what has worked for our clients, and for us.
Learn the essentials of video production, so that you understand what's required to produce impactful videos.

Learn how to share your story on social media and PR using tips that will work right now.

Leave with a plan for getting your video and your business in front of your audience and the media.

After crafting your story to appear on camera, enjoy a full day of video production, recording your interview about your startup and your founders.

In addition to the interview video, optionally you can choose to record a full length featurette, an explainer video, and more.

At the end of Day 1 you will understand:

The importance of story relevance

The framework for building trust

How the mind works for decision making

What emotionally drives people

Your audience's desired outcomes

The sequence of a compelling story

How to structure effective statements

How to make abstract concepts more relatable

How to build incremental engagement

The mindset to eliminate fear and connect authentically

How to develop a success routine to prepare for filming

At the end of Day 2 you will:

Understand the framework for producing video content

Know how to create your own videos

Gain experience on camera, filming your pitch

Understand your opportunities for improvement

Have a strategy to be prepared for any video interview

Be clear on how best to share your story

Know which tools to use to engage your audience

At the end of Day 3 you will:

Have been interviewed on camera

Have developed a social sharing strategy

Have your first month of social posts outlined

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February's Bootcamp in Portland

DeskHub Portland
334 NW 11th Avenue
Portland OR USA

April's Bootcamp in Santa Monica

Expert Dojo
395 Santa Monica Place
Santa Monica CA 90401