Lessons in Serving Startups - Laura Bakken of Flowerpot Media

The Portland startup community is its own business accelerator, according to Laura Bakken, CEO and co-founder ofFlowerpot Media. Since plugging into the Portland startup power strip, her company has taken off. “So much support,” she tells us in her interview at the Founder’s Media Bootcamp. “So many great people, so many people willing to help you with free resources, with partnerships, with ideas, with creative collaboration.”

Flowerpot Media is an online marketing and social media service. Like many great startup companies, it began as an act of love. “My dad ran a motorcycle shop for 45 years,” Laura tells us. “As his business grew and the years went on, his customers didn’t get much older, and the generation gap became much larger. Suddenly he had clients who wanted to text him or tweet him, and he didn’t know what that stuff was.”

Laura and her co-founder tapped their experience in enterprise marketing to help her dad get his business online. They were in awe of their own success. “The idea of Flowerpot was born,” she says. “We found our calling.”

As they grew their company, the reality of working with small businesses and startups set in. “Coming from large enterprise backgrounds, we seldom had any trouble with resources. With bootstrapping entrepreneurs, it’s very different. We have to put a lot of energy toward where we’re putting our time, our resources, our investment.”

Her clients needed resource-efficient marketing strategies that would be successful on the first try, so Laura became a data-driven, lean-and-mean marketeer. She’s now completely immune to the whims and emotions of startup founders that might distract her from implementing the marketing strategies that will actually work for them.

Those founders and small business owners are her daily inspiration. “We get to work with phenomenal business owners, entrepreneurs, customers who are really trying to find their way in the world. And bring their dreams to life. Just to be a part of that, to know that we had a hand in that, is truly inspiring.”

Check out Laura’s full interview to hear more about her entrepreneur’s journey. Bonus: Laura’s nailed how to speak clearly and compellingly about her company. If you’ve got your own company, watch her interview and take some tips!

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