The Sunstone Never Sets - Ann and Skip Ludington

Skip got his first peek at a gleaming, polished sunstone in a lapidary class. It was love at first sight. He spent the next two weeks learning how to use a faceting machine and cutting his first near-perfect sunstone. He’s been mining his own sunstones and fashioning master-quality jewelry ever since.

We got to sit down with Skip, and Ann, his daughter, at our Founder’s Media Bootcamp to talk about their entrepreneurial journey. Clearly, the spirit and energy that gives their business life is their family. Ann tells us that they love and inspire each other. While Skip cuts and sets the sunstones, she manages the the business. The children and grandchildren help mine the stones. They also serve as Skip’s creative inspiration, and often receive his finest pieces as gifts and heirlooms.

Ann tells us that marketing the business is her greatest challenge at the moment. She’s been training herself in business promotion, and is learning how to tell their startup story in a way that attracts customers, partners, and other resources. She said she discovered our bootcamp at the last minute, and we’re glad she did! We got to help her tell her story… check out her interview, which we shot at the bootcamp.

Skip shares his remarkable personal journey in the video, too. He has overcome some extraordinary challenges. He says the most enjoyable part is getting to see “the expression on people’s face when they see… the completed stone.”

We’ve seen some of his work, and we can tell you that the expression he’s talking about is dazzled amazement and delight.

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