Voice Controlled Everything - Jonathan Nostrant of Ivee

Advice for would-be entrepreneurs: you don’t need a technical background to develop and market a hi-tech device. Jonathan Nostrant, founder and CEO of Ivee, had no technical training other than his own dabbling. Now he’s selling a very cool device he invented for voice-controlling home devices such as thermostats, lights, and other wireless home devices.

Ivee is a sleek-looking Siri-like device that listens for your voice commands and relays them to other smart gadgets in your home. According tot he Ivee website, it works with devices such as “Nest, WeMo, SmartThings, Philip’s Hue, Logitech Harmony, Lowe’s Iris, Wink and more”. It plays music too, because, why not?

Jonathan’s key to success was taking full advantage of every resource possible. He tapped his college, SBA loans, parents, and “some good strategic advisors” with experience in Apple’s Siri. Now that Ivee has proven itself, he’s wasting no time raising his first round of funding to bring his device to the global market.

Jonathan was destined for entrepreneurhood. He tells us he’s been an entrepreneur since the age of 13, when he started his first business. HIs family and extended family, also entrepreneurs, showed him the ropes. Now, he’s combining his passion for building electronic devices– something else he’s been doing since childhood– with business. “I’ve always loved technology, always loved gadgets,” he says. “This is …an opportunity to bring [voice recognition] into the home. We’re very excited about what we’re doing. That’ what keeps us going and keeps the passion alive.”

Jonathan is most pleased with the difference he’s been able to make with Ivee. People with disabilities are loving their voice-controlled homes. “We have disabled veterans who are writing us emails and saying how Ivee has changed their lives. Now they can just talk to our product and have it turn on their lights or change the thermostat, lock their doors. Someone who is blind can never even dream of using a smart phone, and our product opens up a gateway into the Internet. So getting those emails are really inspiring and gives us the drive to keep moving forward.”

Underwriter: Crowdfund.Life
Interviewer: Thubten Comerford
Article: Eric Inman
Producer: Daniel Lucy
Video Editor: Jacob Curtis

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