Who DOES Your Hair? - Karla Montenegro of True Keratin

Karla Montenegro, co-founder of True Keratin Eco-Lux Hair Care, enrolled in our Founder’s Media Bootcamp to learn to speak compellingly about her product. The thing is, she doesn’t have to say a word to make a sale. When she walks into the room, the first thing you’ll demand to know will be, “Oh my God, who does your hair!?”

“As a matter of fact,” she’ll say, “I use my own product.”


Karla’s journey to, literally, the perfect head of hair, we’re not kidding, began when keratin treatments were becoming a thing. In her interview with us at the bootcamp, she told us that before keratin treatments, her biggest gripe about her beauty regimen was the time it took out of her day.

“I dreaded so much to wake up really early,” she says, “because I had to wash my hair, then I had to take a half hour to blow dry it, then another half hour to flat iron it.” When she heard about keratin treatments and the time it could save her, she wasted no time in booking an appointment. But she was in for a shock. “The stylist gave me these goggles to wear. She had to wear goggles too, and a mask. She had to put the fan on, open all the windows. And I could tell other stylists were scared, because they knew what was going to happen. They would try not to schedule other bookings so that nobody else had to suffer from it.”

She remembers thinking, “I don’t want to put myself at risk to have this beautiful hair for five months if I’m putting other people at risk too. It’s just not fair.” In the eyes of those terrified stylists, she saw her market gap.

“Steve Jobs found a product that already existed,” she tells tells us, “and he made it better. That’s what I ended up doing. And that’s how True Keratin came along.”

Armed with the right product– a keratin treatment made from certified organic ingredients that won’t kill every stylist within 20 yards– Karla aimed straight for the obvious market. “We’re a professional salon-only brand,” she says. She’s also selling to high-end boutiques around the world. “The way we do it right now is we book exhibition shows around the world, and we find distributors. We find distributors around Asia, Europe, South America, the United States.”

With such a wildly successful, high-demand product, growing pains were inevitable. “Now we’re getting more distributors, we’re getting demand from retailers. Now we have to get another office. A bigger warehouse. We have to start hiring more talent to help us bring the brand to the next level.”

Good problems to have, yeah? Check out Karla’s full interview for more entrepreneurial gold.

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